Ways to make kitchen storage cabinets more space efficient

Storage cabinets are one of the most important aspects of an organized kitchen. If they aren’t planned well enough, they end up occupying more space in the rooms, rather than being essential and great kitchen storage spaces which they could be. In today’s day and date when living spaces, especially kitchens, are becoming smaller by the day, it is important to make storage cabinets more space efficient. Listed below are a few ways to store kitchen stuff better with some smart storage planning:

  • Utilize the cabinet doors in a kitchen better by placing wire racks which can be used to hold and store herbs, small bottles of sauces, packets, etc., making them handy and organized.
    For those who are swamped and have limited cupboard and cabinet space in the kitchen, here is a way to store well in a stylish display. Use a vintage stamp holder to store the spices and keep it at one corner of the kitchen countertop or island. Not only will they be more accessible to you but it will look good too.
  • Wall stands can be doubled up to make them into a two-layer stand. This helps to keep glass jars of different sizes together, both at the bottom and at the top.
  • If you thought that an armoire would only be good for the laundry room, think again. Simply adding wire racks, boards and hooks would turn it into a very effective space to organize fragrant sachets, bath towels, kitchen sanitary and cleaning items, extra paraphernalia, etc.
  • If you are a plant person but don’t have space in the kitchen to bring them in, fret not. Add exterior open floating stands to the side of the wall cabinets and place your small indoor plants in them. In fact, one could even turn this idea into a mini-kitchen garden for themselves. Whoever said you needed lawn space for that?
  • Adjust pantry shelves at a lower height could be great for kids. You could pack it with their favorite snacks which they could reach for without knocking over the other food and even avoid accidental falls.
  • A great way to make storage spaces look neat and uncluttered is by labeling the jars, the cabinets, etc. Not only will you know which item is kept where but it will also help you avoid emptying the entire contents of the shelves just to check which items are stuffed at the back.

Contacting a professional interior designer would make it easier, but these ideas can be carried out on your own too.