Top Snow Plows with Aluminum Blades

A snow plow is an important investment you should be making if you live in a cold region. With snow plows, you don’t need to shovel the ice while standing out in the cold but instead can do it inside your warm car without using much physical labor.

Snow plows are available in both, front and rear mounted models. These plows are also available in different sizes and materials as well. The main categories when it comes to the materials used are steel and aluminum.

Aluminum blades are lightweight and can be easily carried around. Here are some of the best snow plows with aluminum blades.

SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow

This is an affordable snow plow available at a price less than USD 1,500. This range of snow plows comes in two size variants – 7″ and 8″ blades. Both the variants have blades made of aluminum. This lightweight and affordable snow plow range help you get rid of the snow without any hassle. The snow plow is durable and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. It can be easily fitted on to any SUV, Jeep, or pickup truck. One of the attractive features of this affordable snow plow is that it comes with a rubber edge so that it can be used on hard surfaces like gravel or cement easily.

SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow

Another affordable snow plow with aluminum blades and a great performance is the SnowSport 180 Utility snow plow. The corrosion resistant blade makes it very durable so that it can serve the purpose for years together. This affordable snow plow includes a straight inceptor and a frame along with the 7″ aluminum blade. The snow plow requires a 2″ front or rear hitch to be fitted on to the vehicle. This has to be purchased separately and is not sold as part of the kit. This snow plow has been designed with special care with designs and parts that make it suitable for use on some surfaces.

SnowSport LT Utility Snow Plow

This affordable snow plow is one of the cheapest in the range and costs less than USD 1,500. This is an easy snow removal method for homeowners who are fed up of clearing their driveways and surroundings of snow with a shovel. The LT snow plow kit includes a 2″ front receiver mount, push frame, and an aluminum blade. This can be easily assembled with common tools and does not require any heavy tools for installation.

If you are ready to spend a bit more on your new snow plow, you can always explore the steel blade snow plows.