Top 4G phones for the suave user

The 21st century is no stranger to path-breaking innovations that has now and again proven that humans can achieve anything they set their hearts on. When it comes to bringing technology to your doorstep, you can now have the whole world in the palm of your hand. You don’t have to go through an encyclopedia to look up stuff, the 4G phone does it for you. You wouldn’t sob if you missed out on an episode of your favorite soap, again the 4G phone comes to your rescue here. Technology has been governing your life even without you knowing it.

The 4th generation phones or 4G phones, as they are popularly known, are the forerunners in holding our generation to ransom with their jaw-dropping attributes. If you are ditching your old phone for a splendid 4G phone, you would definitely need some help in curating the list of the popular 4G phones. If there is a 4G phones sale in your vicinity, then these are the 4G phones that you must look out for.

  • The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus- Apple Inc. knows what features would entice the customers and add them to the iPhone cult. Thus, they come out with a 4G phone that is bound to capture the attention of users and would turn a non-iPhone user into a smitten iPhone user. The HD shoot and point camera, the sleek design, and the tough exterior, are worth your money
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8- This heavyweight would be the talk of the town in any 4G phones sale! The phone’s shiny and finely-crafted body is what draws an individual’s attention. The straight and lithe body that curves around the edges, makes for a perfect fit in your palms. The massive storage, rugged interiors, the awesome user-experience is what would motivate you to opt for this 4G phone
  • Google Pixel- What happens when the world’s most popular technological body decides to try their hand in the 4G phone territory? You get the Google Pixel! A pure android product, with an amazing camera that clicks perfect pictures in low-lights, and a sharp exterior. This would all be the driving force behind your choice
  • The LG G6- LG has made its point with the LG G6 that it too can have stylish phones. Style and durability combined is G6’s motto. The elegance of the phone’s exterior combined with the fact that the G6 is water resistant ups its desirability quotient.

These 4G phones are the ones you must not miss out on when a certain shop or online shopping website announces a 4G phones sale. Get a 4G phone that is compatible with your demands and helps you hog the limelight.