Tips to grow and maintain a container garden of perennial plants

Perennial plants are a great alternative that cuts down the trouble of spending money on new plants once the old annual plants have died. Container gardening with perennial plants is becoming popular among gardeners.

In this article we help you know more about perennial plants and how to grow them with ease.

We are going to introduce container plants in your garden, this is for people who do not have much space and yet love gardening. Its also perfect for those who live in apartments.

Things you need:

Choosing a container is not perilous. Anything that holds the soil can become a container for your plant. Containers can be made of wood, metal, clay even plastic. Since each type of container has its advantages and disadvantages, you must check which container is perfect for which type of plant you plan to grow in it.

Do remember that perennial plants have bigger roots and hence containers in bigger size is always a better option.

Drainage is just as important as the container for the plants to not drown. Every container must have at least one drainage hole. If the container does not have a drainage hole, make one yourself by drilling a hole or seek professional help if you are not able to successfully make a hole at the bottom. The drainage hole must have a screen so the soil does not fall out of the container.

Choose the right potting soil for the plant and that sits well in the container. If you are planning on planting the plants that grow well in sand, you need to get the potting mix that supports that plant. You must get into the detailing of the soil you will be using for each plant for it to grow best. Check the pH level required.

Proper pairing of the plants is essential just like everything else. Some plants do not grow well with certain plants and some pairs are great for each other. You can understand this by learning about each plant in detail.

Learn about the watering that is required for each plant. Ideally, caring for perennial plants is not too much work but is important. Some nutrients that are present in the potting soil get washed out with regular watering, hence its important to add nutrient supplements by adding liquid fertilizer.

When plants are maintained and groomed timely, they reward you with the best of fruits, flowers and leaves.