Notable features packed in the iPhone X

Ever since its big unveiling, the iPhone X has grabbed everyone’s attention in the technological world. Moreover, Apple fans cannot stop throwing around magical words about this handsome model. Fans have even gone on to say that the iPhone X is one of the best Apple phones one can buy. Now that is some praise.

All being said, we just cannot ignore the $1,000 iPhone X deal price, right? However, the great design and software features do attempt to justify the exorbitant price and why people want to buy the iPhone X. Here are a few features that the multinational technology company has successfully managed to pack in the new iPhone X and what makes it worth buying.

Notifications are just meant for you
Apple realizes that the notifications you receive are just meant to be viewed by your eyes. The iPhone X comes with anti-peeping features that are extremely great if you want to protect lock-screen notifications from peeping eyes. When you look at the screen through a sidelong glance, all you see are the apps that are sending out alerts. However, depth-sensing facial recognition, i.e., Face ID, helps recognize the owner and instantly displays deeper details.

Portrait selfies
The iPhone has been lauded for its portrait feature, and the iPhone X will only make you want to shoot more fancy portraits. The iPhone X brings to you the new portrait light options that also extend to the front-facing camera.

Swipe to switch
The iPhone X lets you conveniently switch between active apps with a mere swipe. The bottom of the screen houses the new swipe button, this is where you must simply swipe the app in the right or left direction. This feature is a great way to bounce from one app to another.

Login with Face ID
The Face ID feature can immediately whisk you into the websites that work under password protection. From your bank’s website to your Amazon account, you no more have to raise your finger to punch in the passwords. Face ID works very in a manner that is similar to that of fingerprint access. However, for people who prefer to use tight password control, they can opt out of the feature.

Tap to wake
With the iPhone X, Apple introduces the much-needed tap to wake feature. This enables the user to tap the display even when the phone screen is locked. Thus, whether the iPhone X is laid on a desk or the bed, tap the screen to conveniently see the time, battery status, and notifications.

It goes without saying, but Apple has really pushed with the model, and there is every reason for Apple loyalists to buy the iPhone X.