Maple trees – pruning, benefits and interesting facts

Maple trees come from Acer gene of trees. Acer in Latin means sharp and hence the name as the leaves have sharp look to them. There is a lot to know about maple trees such as the interesting facts, benefits and how to care for them right.

Always prune your maple tree the right way. Know when is the right time to prune them as there is an impact of pruning to the trees.

The tools you use to prune the trees must be specifically designed to cut tree branches. Tools like pruning shears, loppers, pruning saws, hedge shears, pole pruner are some of the very helpful tools to have. If you have a garden with plants and trees, these tool are a great help. The tools are easily available online if you find it hard to locate them in your locality.

Remember to keep your pruning tools in working condition. Always keep them clean and make it a priority to clean them right after your pruning work is done. Keep the blades shape for pruning then perfectly. Diseases can spread between plants from pruning tools if they are not cleaned after each pruning.

One of the most popular components of a maple tree is the sap. It is famous among humans as well as animals. They syrup contains antioxidants along with a sweet and taste. There are essential vitamins and minerals found in maple syrup such as zinc and manganese in high amount along with potassium and calcium. It is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners. Many use maple syrup for skin treatment because of its anti-inflammatory qualities by using it as a face mask sometimes mixing it with raw milk or yogurt.

Of all types of maple trees, sugar, black and red maple trees are the one that produce the maple syrup
These trees live up to two centuries and more
The oldest maple tree is Canada is about 500 years old
Maple wood is used for smoking food as well as making furniture and other interior works and baseball bats
The charcoal made of maple tree is used in Tennessee whiskey
It it only after a maple tree turns 30 one can use it to extract sap to make maple syrup
Maple syrup is make by boiling the sap
When a seed falls from the tree, it falls like a helicopter as it is winged