How to clean a Nautica jacket

A polyester jacket with down fill is excellent apparel for cold weather, but it will undoubtedly get dirty after repeated usage and will badly require a cleaning. Nautica girls’ jackets are made up of polyester and are expensive, and no one would take the risk of cleaning them without care. One might feel dry cleaning as the best option, but there is a chance that the fabric can get ruined by a dry wash. Nautica jackets are versatile, warm and stylish and light weighted. Polyester which forms the primary fabric of every Nautica jacket requires some care while washing. Following are some of the tips for washing Nautica jackets.

One would need laundry detergent, washing machine, hand towel and a stain remover for cleaning a polyester jacket. Examine the jackets for stains before the wash itself. Washing should be done with cold water, and stains are harder to remove with cold water. Stains can be removed using a stain remover. Even a little of laundry detergent on a hand towel with a little warm water can help in removing the stains. It is okay if the stain doesn’t go off completely. Remove whatever goes and the remaining can be removed while washing the jacket.

Put the jacket in the washing machine and set the washing machine temperature to cold. Washing the jacket with the hot water for a prolonged period could ruin the jacket. The down used in jackets do not get ruined by cold water. However frequent washing may result in the breaking of the feather used as primary filling. After putting the jacket in washing machine select gentle wash as any other mode could damage the down filling. Once the washing is done gently, put the jacket into drier and opt for a gentle dry at the lowest temperature. Ideal washing is washing with warm water and rinsing with cold water before drying. However, not many washing machines have this option so cold water is recommended. Putting the polyester in standard temperature for drying could result in the melting of the fabric. Check whether the down has dried evenly. Partial drying could result in the formation of lumps and foul odor. It is advisable to keep a couple of tennis balls inside while drying so that the down get dried evenly. It is advisable not to wash the jackets in a top-loading washing machine. The agitator bars of a top-loading washing machine could easily damage the Nautica jacket. Any confusion, it is best to take the jackets to a professional for cleaning.