Blisters – Causes and how to heal blisters quickly

Blisters are a small bubble like pockets that can develop in any part of the body. These pockets pop up and are filled with a fluid-like substance that forms on the top layer of the skin. Blisters are usually itchy and come with little or no pain. They may be caused due to several reasons and here are a few causes that lead to blister formation on the body:

Friction blisters – Friction blisters are one of the most common kinds of blisters that people may experience. If you have ever worn a new pair of shoes that were too tight or the strap rubbed against the surface of the skin, a friction blister may have erupted on your skin.

Heat or cold – When your skin comes in contact with extreme temperatures, it can get hurt. If you have handled a frozen object or a stove burner, the skin may have gotten blistered. This is something that is caused by a mild burn, and this kind of blister takes longer to heal.

Insect bites – Insects can send down a sting and are another cause of blisters. The bites of bedbugs and fleas can lead to the formation of a cluster of blisters on the surface of the skin. While not all blisters caused by bugs or insects are dangerous, some do require immediate medical treatment.

A blister can get quite infuriating of it lingers for too long. Here is how to heal blisters quickly and experience relief:

Let it air – If a blister is fresh, do not meddle with it unless it is torn open. The wound should be exposed to air as much as possible since this will fasten the healing process. The blister will automatically dry off and heal in a few days. Do not let it come in contact with water as this can lead to an infection.

Clean the blister – In case the blister pops open, it is at a risk of turning into a painful wound. Thus, a torn blister should be carefully cleaned with a disinfectant and wrapped in a bandage. You can also apply a topical antibacterial cream before covering up the wound.

Saline solution – How to heal blisters with a saline solution? Soaking a blister in warm salt water is believed to have a significant effect on the healing process. Moreover, this process helps puff out any excess skin. You must soak the blister in saline solution at least two times a day for the best results.

It is easy to heal blisters by following the above tips, however, in case the condition does not improve, visiting the doctor is essential.