5 amazing features of La Z Boy lift chairs

People are of the opinion that comfort, function, and style cannot coexist. Well, there’s something that can negate this opinion. The La Z Boy lift chairs which began as a statement of style and comfort went on to garner more popularity owing to its functionality.

The La Z Boy lift chairs are a favorite when you decide to have all your friends over for watching a football match, or when your grandma wishes to relax and watch one of the yesteryears’ movies. In addition to providing the right level of comfort, the La Z Boy lift chairs also come to the rescue of those who have arthritis or are bed-ridden. Since standing up too poses a problem for older adults, the La Z Boy helps them stand upright with many hassles.

If you are contemplating whether you should buy a La Z Boy, here are some amazing features that the latest La Z Boy lift chairs are equipped with.

  • The La Z Boy lift chairs are designed in such a manner that they lend support to whichever position you wish to relax at. If the individual needs support standing, upright one can use the controls to move the La Z Boy to that position. The La Z Boy lift chairs are designed to accommodate whichever position the individual chooses.
  • The new La Z Boy power lift chairs have a better battery backup than the previous ones. Imagine one’s plight when they wish to stand upright after relaxing on the chair for a long time, and the chair refuses to budge. So, the new versions of the La Z Boy lift chairs have amazing battery backup.
  • The leg rest is what adds to the comfort quotient of the La Z Boy lift chairs, and the La Z Boy lift chairs have a safety feature attached to this leg rest. This feature allows the lift chair to sense an object obstructing the path of the leg rest. This feature comes in handy in averting accidents.
  • The zero gravity is a feature that allows you to enjoy the maximum luxury that the La Z Boy lift chairs can provide. This feature allows you to recline and the legs are placed above the heart level to reduce the pressure on the spine. This position is instrumental in reducing the swelling on the legs by improving blood circulation.
  • The new La Z Boy lift chairs come with massage and heating feature. If you feel the need for a soothing massage, you can do so with a 3-speed setting and can combat a backache by activating the heating feature in the lower back and seat.

So, pamper yourself with a La Z Boy lift chair!